This is a selection of policy reports I have written in the last few years:

2018. “Youth, Violent Conflict and Sustaining Peace: Quantitative Evidence and Future Directions”. UNDP and UN Peacebuilding Commission.

2016. “Domestic Violence in Ghana: Incidence, Attitudes, Determinants and Consequences”. UK Department for International Development (DFID) (with Alia Aghajanian, Anthony Amuzu, Elizabeth Asante, Marinella Leone, Elizabeth Mills, Sheila Minkah-Premo, Rebecca Mitchell, Catherine Müller, Philomena Nyarko, Pauline Oosterhoff and Jean-Pierre Tranchant).

2016. World Social Science Report: Challenging Inequalities – Pathways to a Just World. International Social Sciences Council and UNESCO (with John Gaventa, Melissa Leach and Bruno Martorano).

2015. “The Effect of Gender Equality Programming on Humanitarian Outcomes: Synthesis and Case Studies in Kenya, Nepal and the Philippines”, UN Women (with Jean-Pierre Tranchant, Paola Salardi and Caroline Poeschl).

2014. “Barriers to Education in Conflict-Affected Countries and Policy Opportunities”, background paper for the Global Report on Out-of-School Children 2014, UNESCO.

2012. “Coping Strategies and Resilience in the Context of Protracted Crises”, background paper for High Level Experts Panel on Food Security in Protracted Crises, FAO.

2012. “The Role of Women in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery”, report to UN Women (with Ivan Cardona, Becky Mitchell and Catherine Muller).

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