Working papers

2023. “Welfare Losses, Preferences for Redistribution, and Political Participation: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s Age of Austerity”, WIDER Working Paper 61/2023 (with Bruno Martorano and Laura Metzger).

2023. “Do the Effectiveness Principles Matter for Development? Evidence from the Aid Effectiveness Data”, WIDER Working Paper 60/2023 (with Rachel Gisselquist and Andrea Vaccaro).

2023. “The Violent Legacy of Fascism: Neofascist Political Violence in Italy, 1969-1988”, WIDER Working Paper 34/2023 (with Stefano Costalli, Daniele Guariso and Andrea Ruggeri).

2022. “The Social Consequences of Organised Crime in Italy“, WIDER Working Paper 2022-106 (with Pierfrancesco Rolla).

2022. “Wartime Governance and State-Building Trajectories in Post-Conflict Societies”, WIDER Working Paper 2022-48.

2022. “Revisiting the Links Between Economic Inequality and Political Violence: The Role of Social Mobilization”, WIDER Working Paper 2022-19.

2022. “Community Organization and Armed Group Behavior: Evidence from Colombia”, WIDER Working Paper 2022-2 (with Margarita Gáfaro and Ana Maria Ibáñez).

2021. “An Exploration of the Association Between Fuel Subsidies and Fuel Riots”, IDS Working Paper 2021-556 (with Davide Natalini, Neil McCulloch, Naomi Hossain). Also WIDER Working Paper 159/2021.

2021. “Do Pandemics Lead to Rebellion? Policy Responses to COVID-19, Inequality and Protests in the USA”, WIDER Working Paper 57/2021 (with Francesco Iacoella and Bruno Martorano).

2021. “Marginalisation from Education in Conflict-Affected Contexts: Learning from Tanganyika and Ituri in the DR Congo”, IDS Working Paper 544 (with Gauthier Marchais, Sweta Gupta, Cyril Brandt, Marinella Leone, Eustache Kuliumbwa, Olga Kithumba, Issa Kiemtoré, Christian PolePole Bazuzi and Margherita Bove).

2020. Roots of Dissent: Trade Liberalization and the Rise of Populism in Brazil”, WIDER Working Paper 118/2020  (with Francesco Iacoella and Bruno Martorano).

2020. “Trust in the Time of Corona”, WIDER Working Paper 82/2020 (with Tilman Brück, Neil Ferguson and Wolfgang Stojetz). Also IZA Discussion Paper 13386.

2020. “Africa’s Lockdown Dilemma: High Poverty and Low Trust”, WIDER Working Paper 76/2020 (with Eva-Maria Egger, Sam Jones, Ivan Manhique and Ricardo Santos).

2020. “Improving Parenting Practices for Early Child Development: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda”, WIDER Working Paper 72/2020 (with Marinella Leone, Pierfrancesco Rolla, Monique Abimpaye, Caroline Dusabe, Diane Uwamahoro and Richard Germond).

2020. “Riots and Social Capital in Urban Maharashtra”, WIDER Working Paper 42/2020 (with Alia Aghajanian and Jean-Pierre Tranchant). Also HiCN Working Paper no. 325.

2019. “On the Political and Social Consequences of Economic Inequality: Civic Engagement in Colombia”, WIDER Working Paper 76/2019 (with Ana Arjona, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Ana Maria Ibáñez and Julian Arteaga Vallejo). Spanish version as Documento CEDE 2019-16, Universidad de los Andes.

2019. “The Legacies of War: How Does Conflict Shape Migration Responses to Negative Weather Shocks”, WIDER Working Paper 84/2019 (with Ana Arjona, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Ana Maria Ibáñez and Julian Arteaga Vallejo). Spanish version as Documento CEDE 2019-30, Universidad de los Andes.

2019. “Winning or Buying Hearts and Minds: Cash Transfers and Political Attitudes in Pakistan”, WIDER Working Paper 91/2019 (with Yashodhan Ghorpade).

2018. “On the Legacies of Wartime Governance”, HiCN Working Paper no. 263, The Households in Conflict Network (with Wolfgang Stojetz). Also WIDER Working Paper 104/2019.

2017. “Conflict and Development: Recent Research Advances and Future Agendas”, WIDER Working Paper 2017/178 (with Tilman Brück and Charles Martin-Shields).

2015. “Inequality: Trends, Harms and New Agendas”, IDS Evidence Report 144 (with Mick Moore).

2015. “Inequality, Social Cooperation and Local Collective Action”, IDS Working Paper 457.

2015. “Does War Empower Women? Evidence from Timor Leste”, IDS Evidence Report 121 (with Marinella Leone and Paola Salardi).

2015. “Civil Unrest and Government Transfers in India”, IDS Evidence Report 108, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

2014. “Barriers to Education in Conflict-Affected Countries and Policy Opportunities”, Background paper for ‘Fixing the Broken Promise of Education for All’, UNICEF and UNESCO Out-of-School Children Initiative

2013. “Shared Societies and Armed Conflict: Costs, Inequality and the Benefits of Peace”, HiCN Working Paper no. 125, The Households in Conflict Network.

2012. “Nutrition, Governance and Violence: A Framework for the Analysis of Resilience and Vulnerability to Food Insecurity in Contexts of Violent Conflict”, HiCN Working Paper no. 132, The Households in Conflict Network.

2012. “Quantifying the Impact of Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery”, HiCN Working Paper no. 131, The Households in Conflict Network (with Ivan Cardona, Becky Mitchell and Catherine Muller).

2007. “Carrot or Stick? Redistributive Transfers versus Policing in Contexts of Civil Unrest”, MICROCON Research Working Paper no. 3, MICROCON – A Micro-Level Analysis of Conflict, EU Integrated Project. Also HiCN Working Paper no. 33, and IDS Working Paper 382. See media reviews of earlier drafts:

The Times:

The Economist:

2006. “On the Links between Violent Conflict and Chronic Poverty: How Much Do We Really Know”, WP 61, Chronic Poverty Research Centre, University of Manchester.

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